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We’re offering advertisers an opportunity to run highly targeted campaigns and bid on a primary space on our passengers boarding passes.

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Why choose to advertise with Ryanair

We're the largest volume airline in Europe

11.5 millionpassengers per month

Target passengers travelling to over 216 destinations in 37 different countries


Our research shows passengers are in a positive mood during travel and are likely to be receptive to ads

92%satisfaction rate

Multiple touchpoints with our customers

viewed 8 timesduring their journey

Features of our ad platform

Fast and intuitive campaign management. Set up in minutes, tweak your live campaigns to increase their performance, run multiple campaigns at one time and we’ll hold a library of your ad assets.

You’ll have many parameters at your disposal to create highly targeted campaigns and increase ROI through the ad relevance.

  • Origin & Destination of travel
  • Date of travel
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Language
  • Baggage type
  • Fare class

First class bidding algorithm comparable to leading RTB networks that calculates your campaign ad rank per boarding pass impression.

Track the performance of your campaigns in real time using our analytics dashboard reporting the best performing routes and track your average cost per impression.

Pre-paid model so you can top up as you go and keep a close eye in real time on your budget and not worry about overspending. Invoices produced on top up.

How it works

Get signed up and create your first campaign in 4 simple steps


Create your campaign

Set your budget limits (including cost per impression), targeting parameters & upload your advert and submit for approval.


Top up your wallet

Top up your account with your debit or credit card.


Run campaign

Once your advert has been approved by our adverts team, you’ll be ready to enter your campaign in to the bidding.


Monitor & Analyse

Review your campaign and adjust budget & targeting parameters to increase its performance.

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Most popular plan
  • Campaign management
  • Targeting
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Wallet top up
  • Ad library
  • Access to a member of Ryanair adverts team

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Work with our internal team to create a campaign tailored to your needs utilising a fixed inventory* pricing model.

  • Campaign management
  • Targeting
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Wallet top up
  • Ad library
  • Access to a member of Ryanair adverts team

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* Fixed cost model subject to a minimum spend over €500k